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Top 3 Activities in 3 Popular Vacation Destinations

When you go to a certain country, you should do a thing that is unique to that place. That is why you should research your chosen holiday destination before you go there. This will make you all excited for the vacation because you will be doing something different every time. If you do the activities the city is most known for, you actually remember where you've been to. Memories instantly flash upon mention of the name of city.
So for instance if you go to Africa, you should go to a safari. Whether you go to Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa, many safari packages await you. You can choose to go to animal sanctuaries and orphanages. You can also visit farms or go on a 4X4 drive. And you can also take boat trips to go hippo hunting.  
If you are lucky you would catch the Northern Lights when you visit the Lapland. You should also go dog sledding and stop by lodges along the way. The children are surely going to enjoy this very much and remember this adventure always.
How about going sailing in the Greek Islands? You and the children can learn the basics of sailing while enjoying the waters and the view of the Mediterranean. You can visit various towns and just enjoy the view, the people and the sun. Again when you do something unique in every place, every vacation becomes more enjoyable and more memorable.

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