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Destination Holland: Love That Cheese!

You can read all about cheese, but nothing beats seeing how it's actually made. Of course you're not vacationing in Holland because it's a dream destination. It's all about cheese for you. Yeah, right!
Some cheese shops in Amsterdam like Abraham Kef's will make a ceremony of wine and cheese tasting to mark the beginning of your holiday.
It's the most famous cheese in the world. Begin with a slice of creamy, buttery Young Gouda and let it melt in your tongue. Next, try Aged Gouda, which is nuttier and drier in texture. Finally, ask for Very Aged Gouda for an intense taste that will linger in your palate. Gouda comes from whole milk, fat and all. It is 60% of all the cheeses produced in the Netherlands.
This is the other major Dutch cheese. It's that heavy cheese ball covered in wax. It is drier, lighter and taster than the Gouda and has 40% lower fat content. It also keeps longer.
Specialty Dutch Cheeses
Other Dutch cheeses you shouldn't miss:
* Cumin
* Clove
* Feta from Drenthe or Limburg
* Kernhem
From June to September, you can witness actual cheese auctions in the same manner they have been done for centuries, at Gouda every Thursday and at Alkmaar every Friday.
Visit a Cheese Farm
A modern cheese factory makes for a nice tour, but a traditional cheese farm is an experience. South of Amsterdam is one such farm, Clara Maria where you will witness old, honorable traditions of cheese-making.
This holiday will show that behind every tasty bit of that cheese you love to munch on is a people and a culture that have perfected their craft. Yum! 

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