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Articles for December 2011

Whale Shark Watching Vacation Rentals
Whale shark watching is an engaging activity with only few locations worldwide offering vacation rentals for tourists who flock to see whale sharks each year.  Whale sharks are huge members of the shark family reportedly sighted to reach up to 18 meters and weigh from 20 to 40 tons.  Their skins have distinctive patterns and like zebra patterns are unique in each individual. Whale shark...

Where to Find the Best Vacation Rentals in Europe
Holidaying in Europe is what most tourists are wishing for, and if you have your chance, why not search for the best vacation rentals in Europe? Read on and I'll show you where to find them. Prague, Czech Republic For a great blend of vibrant and luxurious holiday, go to Prague! Compare to other European cities, it's still cheaper to holiday here. If you want to experience rich culture, explore...

5 Best Surfers' Paradise Rentals
Here are the world's 5 best surfers' paradise vacation rentals:   1.  Australia has been often described as a surfer's paradise with various vacation rentals to cater to tourists and surfers flocking to its Gold Coast. Its best waves and great beaches are famous and the City is renowned for its sunny climate and popular surfing beaches.  The vacation rentals are somewhat expensive...

The Best Areas for Scuba Diving Vacation Rentals
The sea has always lured men to explore its depths; this is why there are many vacation rentals where there are good scuba diving spots.  Diving spots are categorised good or great spots by scuba divers because of the richness of its underwater inhabitants, or because of its place in history as the scene of a long-ago tragedy where there are still sunken ships to explore.  The Great Ba...

Top 5 Items to Bring for Beach Vacation Rentals
Summer is finally here and the shining of the sun has only made everyone more excited about the prospect of going on beach vacation rentals. The heat of the sun and the glistening blue beach waters beckons, tempting holidaymakers to pack their towels bathing suits and head on somewhere they can enjoy the sun and sand. Here is a list of the top things you should bring with you when going on your ...

Cheap Holiday Rentals in Vietnam
Vietnam is not a very expensive destination to visit, and travelers from all over the world have been coming in hoardes to explore its secrets. The best option for tourists is to find a vacation rental that would give them the privacy and flexibility to explore the sights at will. An added advantage with holiday rentals is that guests can share the costs amongst themselves, lowering their overall...

The Family Vacation That Suits Everybody's Taste
Every family must unwind and have a vacation destination once a year or once in a couple of years. This is a healthy family endeavour that will strengthen the bond. But, the planning can be a daunting process, so, it is recommended that each member of the family must contribute in sharing and planning the ideas that should be accomplished. Where are you going? What is your exact itinerary? Is ev...

Planning For a Family Vacation
Family vacations can be a great way to take a break from the usual humdrum and monotony of everyday life. It is also a great chance of everyone to bond together and enjoy a common activity. One tip you should follow in planning is that you should always consider what everyone thinks, even your kids. Suppose you want to go somewhere else and the kids want to go to Disneyland, it won't hurt to gi...

Home for Rent: The Best Holiday Homes to Choose
The economic crisis has spawned in such a huge dimension that it created impacted to all forms of business and leisure. These days, travelers are looking for means and ways in order to lessen the expenses of travelling.  Name it, from booking flights to getting package to even the accommodation.  Now, apart from getting a hotel to accommodate them while on vacation, they are looking fo...

A Basic Guide to Vacationing in New Zealand
Due to its geographic location and isolation from the rest of the world, New Zealand is a country that remains mysterious and exciting at the same time, a place that makes it so appealing to tourists. What is more good news for prospective visitors is that discovering the hidden treasures of this country has never been made easier through online booking. Bridging Geographical Gaps Since the ad...

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