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What to Bring on a Tropical Holiday

Packing for a tropical holiday should be easy. Remember that you are going there for a “vacation” so do not obsess about unimportant things such as cocktail clothes and other accessories.

Pack light! Bring a couple of swimsuits, shorts, shirts, tank tops, flip flops, a hat and sunglasses. Bring a light jacket if the area is noted for rain showers in the afternoon or early evening. You may bring one pair of pants and a nice top if you plan on painting the town red.  Here are more items that should be in your luggage.

1. Sunscreen. Choose the highest possible SPF especially if you easily burn. Remember to re-apply accordingly.

2. Insect repellent and bug spray. The tropics is teeming with insects - mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and more. You can always spray-away to rid your area of these pests but it is best if you apply the insect repellent.

3. Anti-bacterial hand gel.  You cannot see bacteria, hence it's best to keep a hand gel handy so you can clean your hands before eating.

4. Medications. Bring your medicines. Pack a basic first aid kit.

5. Bring your camera, cellular phone and respective chargers. To play safe, bring a universal adapter for your electronic gadgets.

6. If you cannot live without your laptop, by all means bring it as most tropical resorts have WIFI access now.

7. Do not forget your credit cards and bring some cash as there are establishments that do not accept cards. You should look into this when booking your hotel or lodging.

Leave your worries behind and enjoy your tropical vacation.

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