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Themed Holiday in the Philippines: Volcano Hopping
Adventure seekers will find novel vacation ideas and exciting activities all around the Philippines. Being in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it has over 350 volcanoes, 26 of them active. What can be more unique than a volcano-hopping adventure?
Mt. Bulusan
Mt. Bulusan is the southernmost volcano in Luzon. It stands 1,565 metres above sea level and covers a base area of 15 km. It has 4 craters, 4 hot springs and 8 adjacent volcanic cones. Together they are collectively known as the Mt. Bulusan Natural Park.
Join eco-treks, mountain biking, swimming in the hot and cold springs and mineral spas, spelunking and scaling an active volcano. It is the ultimate holiday for sporty nature lovers.
Mount Kanlaon

This is the highest peak in Central Philippines, rising 2,465 metres and spanning a 30-km base. It has 3 hot springs, 2 adjacent volcanic cones and many waterfalls. It is considered a sacred volcano, believed by early inhabitants to be the home of the gods.
Activities include bird watching, bio-research, trekking, camping, and mountaineering. A typical trek will take 3-4 days before reaching the summit. Along the way, you will have time to enjoy the waterfalls or the lagoons.

Mayon Volcano
Mount Mayon a majestic 2,462 metres, is a perfect cone. It is the most famous and the most active volcano in the Philippines. It is constantly on the watch list of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. 

The highest trekking point is Knife's Edge at 2,200 metres.  Poisonous fumes at the summit make it unsafe for trekkers, so it is not allowed.Between volcano visits, take the time to enjoy the surrounding communities. A well-rounded holiday is not only full of fun and adventure, it is also culturally enriching. 

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