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Articles for January 2012

Affordable Accommodation in the UK
Visiting the United Kingdom is truly a wonderful experience. The country offers such rich culture and traditions that many tourist will surely be pleased with. Although, going to UK's vacation spots and staying in the country, over-all, can be quite heavy on the pockets, there are plenty of hotels that offer tourists excellent service without costing too much. Here are some of the UK's afforda...

What to Bring on a Tropical Holiday
Packing for a tropical holiday should be easy. Remember that you are going there for a “vacation” so do not obsess about unimportant things such as cocktail clothes and other accessories. Pack light! Bring a couple of swimsuits, shorts, shirts, tank tops, flip flops, a hat and sunglasses. Bring a light jacket if the area is noted for rain showers in the afternoon or early evening. You may b...

How to Brighten Up Your Home Rental
Operating a home rental facility is a good way of augmenting your income. Some homeowners even consider this a feasible business that can provide them passive income in the years to come. If you have a home rental business then it may be time to make adjustments in order to make your home more competitive. A lot of vacation homes are sprouting in your locality and it would make your business mor...

Top Celebrity Vacation Rentals
How many times have you longingly looked at the high-flying vacation homes of your favourite celebrities and wished that you too, would have the chance to stay in vacation rentals like these? Wish no more because your dream can finally become a reality, thanks to the popularity of vacation rentals. Even our favourite rock stars and other celebrities are becoming practical and are taking advantag...

How to Price Your Home Rentals
If you are aware of the trend in the tourism industry today, then you would take the opportunity to cash in on home rentals. After all, more travellers are opting for this type of accommodation these days, as opposed to hotels, for a variety of reasons including affordability and privacy. If you have a second home or have enough space in your home, then you can turn it into an alternative source...

UK Vacation Rentals For Senior Citizens
The best time to travel and see the world is now, when you are retired and ready to strike out on your own. As a senior citizen, you have an exciting time ahead of you and with little research on the various vacation rentals in the UK, you will be able to maximise your retirement money to travel and explore the country's attractions. Before you go on that much-awaited holiday, make sure you know ...

Top 3 Vacation Rental Sights In The Caribbean
Summer is the perfect time to go on a vacation rental in the Caribbean so better start thinking about the places you want to visit even as early as now. Staying in a vacation rental is obviously the best choice if you want to visit as many attractions in the Caribbean without breaking the bank. Staying in vacation homes will provide you more space and more amenities. Some people want to experien...

Tips on How to Spend Your Next Family Vacation
Family vacations are about spending time together and about having a great time. Aside from concentrating in luxury vacations, there are also other types of activities that you can do to make your vacation more fun and meaningful. Going to the beach, for example, is quite popular in most families. That's because people just seem to love the water. Of course, there are also many things to enjoy...

Vacation Rental Getaways to Choose From
Whether you are a young couple who have been together for quite sometime, or a newly-wed couple who have just made your vows, you would be better off spending some time away from home and your family. If you need to spend some time together, then you should start looking at these vacation rental destinations for just about any occasion. Paris Paris is a perfect vacation rental destination for coup...

Pros And Cons of Holiday Rental
Staying in a holiday rental is no longer the exception, but the rules these days. There are many reasons why travellers opt to stay in home rentals, and you will be surprise to know that these are valid reasons that can convince you to try staying in a holiday rental for a change. But if there are advantages to staying in vacation homes, there are also disadvantages. Check out the pros and cons ...

Camping: The Best Holiday Outdoor Vacation
Families who go out on a vacation would want variety in spending their holidays.  Apart from spending it the usual way - like shopping in a different place or spending days on cultural-oriented places, they go outdoor and spend camping. Camping is an outdoor activity that many families enjoy because this is equally fun yet very economical to do. Below are the reasons why they prefer to do c...

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