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Smart Tips to an Exciting Archaeological Holiday Tour

Travelers who find fascination with archaeological artifacts usually visit heritage rich countries like Guatemala and Greece. These countries are known to be very rich in archeological discoveries and all they need is to be explored better. Below are some smart tips towards having an exciting and fulfilled archaeological holiday tour:
a.       Know who your tour guide is.  The tour guide can either make or break your entire archeological expedition.  Make sure that you know who your tour guide is. Make sure that he has enough experience in archeological explorations and that he has so much passion about his craft. 
b.     Know your activities for the day.  You may want to check what is in store for you on your archeological exploration.  Ensure that every activity is worth the time that you are spending and make sure that you are inclined at doing the activity.
c.      Know how big the company is.  More often, the archaeological guide will group you in not more than 10 people.  Make sure that there is a limited participant in the exploration.  This will help you in seeking assistance with the guide with ease.
Follow these smart tips and you will surely have a wonderful and memorable archaeological experience whether it is in Greece or in Guatemala.

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