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Renew Your Bond, Take a Holiday!

Your married life is almost perfect. Being married to a smart and beautiful wife for five years and with a lovely four-year old daughter is definitely a blessing from the Almighty God. You're happy and secure that it will last forever.

Yet just like what other couples are saying that some good things never last, your marriage is not spared. You suddenly notice some small irritations or clashes between you and your spouse about little things such as who will attend to your daughter's recital because both of you are busy with your respective careers.

Then, eventually the small irritations blew out of proportion into something that both of you are thinking of separation as the worst case scenario.  Your wife complains that you have no time for your family. Your wife became a stranger to you.

You suddenly reflect on what went wrong with your marriage. With your lovely daughter around, you decide that you cannot afford to lose your family.

Good thing is that it did not take you so long to figure out that you need to renew your bond. And better that you think that to go for a holiday is what is best to rekindle the fire in your marriage and ultimately save it at the brink of break up.

The coolest places for a holiday abound everywhere in the world.  A place where your family will be away for the stresses in life such as career problems is definitely refreshing.

A holiday will absolutely put back the magic in your married life and will save it from break up.

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