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3 Best Snowboarding Holiday Resorts in the World

Nothing beats going downhill at high speeds on a snowboard. Since the sport took the world by storm (or rather, by ice) during the '60s, snowboarding has become the edgier, cooler counterpart of skiing. Now, there are hundreds of snowboarding resorts that boast of different levels of slopes for extreme sports enthusiasts. Read on to find out the perfect place to spend your next snowboarding holiday.
1. Perisher, Australia. Its name might send chills down your back (and rightfully so), since Perisher is located in Mt Kosciusko, the highest point in Australia. With over 1,250 hectares of terrain and an elevation of up to 3,054 metres, this resort has become a favourite of novice and expert snowboarders alike. It also features a Board Riders school and a women's snowboarding programme.
2. Kicking Horse, Canada. Located in British Colombia (about three hours from Calgary), Kicking Horse is one of the biggest resorts in the area. Gladed terrain and lower trails provide an apt playground for beginners, whilst advanced rungs, like the Pioneer and the Grizzly can satisfy the more adventurous guests.
3. Portillo, Chile. This American-run resort lies at the foot of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas. Portillo features 12 lifts to take you up to where you can catch all the action, in about 22 pistes (or snowboard runs and paths). Helicopter operations, on the other hand, can take the more advance boarders to higher elevations.
Are you up for an extreme adventure holiday this winter? Pack your snow boots, winter gear and courage and head out to any of the three exciting snowboarding resorts listed above.

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