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Articles for July 2012

Renew Your Bond, Take a Holiday!
Your married life is almost perfect. Being married to a smart and beautiful wife for five years and with a lovely four-year old daughter is definitely a blessing from the Almighty God. You're happy and secure that it will last forever. Yet just like what other couples are saying that some good things never last, your marriage is not spared. You suddenly notice some small irritations or clashes ...

5 Places You Have to See in Estonia
Estonia may be one of the smallest countries in the world but it is also one of the most interesting holiday destinations. Some of the ways to enjoy your holiday in this charming country is to explore its capital, visit the outlying islands or appreciate nature in the national parks. 1. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, possesses a wonderful fusion of the modern and the medieval. The Old Town ar...

Spa Towns in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic claims to having some of the best spa towns in the world. More than a century ago, nobility and their court, leading scientists, famous poets and thinkers all made their pilgrimages to towns like Franzensbad, Carlsbad and Marienbad to enjoy the curative effects of the mineral springs. Franzensbad, or Frantiskovy Lazne in Czech, can be found in western Bohemia. It is one of th...

3 Fun Things to Do in Macau other than Gambling
With its urban environment, modern buildings and extravagant casinos, it's no surprise that Macau is considered the Las Vegas of Asia. But there are many other fun things to do in this country besides gambling. Check out the list below for an exciting, wholesome holiday in Macau. 1. Go shopping. Splurge on branded, luxury items in international boutiques that are scattered near hotels and casino...

3 Best Snowboarding Holiday Resorts in the World
Nothing beats going downhill at high speeds on a snowboard. Since the sport took the world by storm (or rather, by ice) during the '60s, snowboarding has become the edgier, cooler counterpart of skiing. Now, there are hundreds of snowboarding resorts that boast of different levels of slopes for extreme sports enthusiasts. Read on to find out the perfect place to spend your next snowboarding holi...

3 Must Visit Holiday World Destinations
A holiday around the world can be quite exciting and even educational. But it must be well planned so you will be able to visit more exciting places and everything will be convenient from your flight going out to your flight coming home. With so many places to visit, it would be more convenient to book a world tour package. In the European leg of your tour, you should include the magnificent S...

Swedish Hotels for Practical Travellers
You have been to a lot of places and you have surely gained a lot of experiences from different people and places. Now that your next destination is Sweden, be smart and practical. You of all people know that travelling is quite expensive but there are ways to cut your travel costs. And what better would it be to determine that you have actually earned more when you play practical? Swedish hotel...

How to Book a Hotel Room Online
Booking online is very easy these days. Thanks to the Internet you can conveniently do it within a few minutes without going out the house or office. You just need to get ready your credit card ready. The trick is to set a budget before searching for a hotel. You could also browse around first and decide on a reasonable budget.  Based on your budget you can search for the various hotels in...

Why Europe is a Great Family Holiday Destination
A holiday in Europe is one great treat for the whole family. With the number of theme parks alone that this continent houses, every member of your family will get a good break in Europe. And why is Europe the ultimate destination for the whole family? Check out these facts about this place and discover great family holidays it has to offer: Destination options. All countries in Europe have ...

Portugal: A Good Destination to do Sports Holiday
To many tourists and travelers, they often regard the country of Portugal as the “majestic playpen of the Europe continent”. Therefore, many other sports enthusiasts and lovers often go to Portugal to have their sporting holiday either with their sports mates or practically with their relatives or family. Many football enthusiasts see Portugal as the best place to go to on their sporting ho...

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