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Articles for March 2012

What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for a Holiday
Besides your passport, your clothes, your shoes and plane tickets, you should also remember to pack a proper first aid kit in your luggage before going on a holiday. We can make packing even easier for you by listing down the most important things to include in your first aid kit. You can even print this out as a handy checklist that you can refer to whilst packing. 1. The basics. Get a small,...

3 Reasons to Go on a Safari Holiday
Many people go on holiday in order to experience something different and exciting. If you're looking for fun and adventure, then why not consider going on a safari? Here are some reasons you might enjoy it: 1. It's a huge adventure. What could be more thrilling than seeing a lion running freely or seeing an actual giraffe up close? There's nothing quite as exhilarating as getting to see wildlif...

Where to Stay in Vegas
“Sin City”. “Entertainment Capital of the World”-these are but some of the many titles the city of Las Vegas is known for. Las Vegas is one of the most premiere destinations in the world when it comes to entertainment - everything from boxing matches, mixed martial arts fights, singing, dancing, comedy, gambling, and other recreational activities. You name it, and Las Vegas probably has ...

Planning Your Holiday Cruise with the Family
Planning a holiday cruise for your family is one big challenge to overcome.  Aside from the fact that this is going to be once in a lifetime experience thus should be carefully thought, it is also quite expensive to have this totally realized, more so that you bringing in the entire family.  There are a lot of ways and means that you can exhaust in order to properly plan a holiday cru...

Go for a Holiday on the Snow
The winter season is generally thought off to be boring and best spent indoors, due to all that cold and snow. But there are also a lot of activities you can do during the winter, giving you the option of not being confined to the indoors. One of the best ways to spend a winter holiday is to visit a ski resort, where you can experience a lot of different activities. One of the most popular with...

Taste the Different Flavours of Contemporary Europe
Given the abundance of countries belonging to the first world continent of Europe, it can be very tempting to consider it as a holiday destination for you and your family or friends. However, knowing the importance and distinction of each country will make your holiday experience more informed, and ultimately more enjoyable and rewarding. Enchanting Italy This homely country is filled with cul...

More Reasons to Invest on Holiday Luxury Cruise
Learn more about the sea by having your much-anticipated cruise. The good news is that, cruise holidays have decline in price but take note, the kind of services still remains impressive-hard to believe but it's true. So holiday luxury cruise has become an attainable getaway experience. You can already experience nature's diversity while on the sea. There is no question about this as more and mo...

Enjoying Europe on a Shoestring Budget
Dreams and aspirations are all very well, but the harsh wake-up calls of reality can sometimes be too sobering that it becomes a burden and a disappointment for people to even dream of doing something they always wanted to. If that dream and / or aspiration is to experience the elegance and fine aspects of Europe, this should be a happy read for you! Here are some tips on how to enjoy and visit ...

A Basic Guide to Tourist Campsite Facilities
Tourist campsite facilities are somewhat complicated and hard to remember, so they are just generally called holiday parks. Parks like these are perfect for the holiday goer who is looking for somewhere away from home where he or she can spend time with his or her family, enjoying and fully being able to use the comforts and benefits of a house while being somewhere different. Get In Touch with...

What's There to See in Amsterdam?
Infamously known as the city of the red-light district interspersed with coffee shops selling “brownies” or “space cakes”, Amsterdam was traditionally known as Venice of the North. The numerous waterways that weave in and out of the city are not natural water forms.  The canals were deliberately and painstakingly dug under the orders of 17th century city planners in answer to the h...

My First Hongkong Holiday
Hongkong is one of the renowned holiday destinations of Filipinos. Going to Hongkong for just two hours in a plane ride from Manila and without the need of a visa is very encouraging. Hence, I chose Hongkong as my first holiday destination.   It is one thing to learn from my friends that Hongkong is clean, has no smoke belching, with cool weather and with several appealing tourist sp...

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